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The history of Lahden Upseerikerho (The Officer´s Club of Lahti) begins already in 1911 when Finland was still part of Tsardom of Russia. The building of Upseerikerho was completed in 1913. Finland became independent in 1917 and Upseerikerho started a new era by serving Finnish officers. Since then Lahden Upseerikerho has been under the Finnish Defence Forces.
Although during the last decades the restaurant has been open to everyone. Etelä-Suomen Juhlapalvelu Ky has been hosting Lahden Upseerikerho for 17 years. Lahden Upseerikerho is widely known and appreciated restaurant which offers beautiful and dignified premises and delicious food for any kind of celebration or ceremony. The restaurant is open at request. Lahden Upseerikerho wishes you warmly welcome!